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Using DayScheduler: Lecturer

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enter image description here I am a specialty lecturer serving multiple institutions across different locations in England. My schedule is always challenging. In a single month, I may have several two-day workshops at different locations, and I need to allow for prep-time and travel time.

Before I discovered DayScheduler, my schedule was not always simple to track or make available to my staff, colleagues and students. My system was manual and changes were not simple to communicate or organize.

A colleague of mine, mentioned he had a web-based applications that was simple to use and very effective in publishing and managing his workshops schedule. He told me about DayScheduler and I immediately signed up.

With DayScheduler, I could not only share my availability, location by also allow my staff to view available dates, book, and organize my days well ahead of time.

Because of privacy regulations and security, the public facing side of my schedule shows only as "Booked" when I am scheduled or unavailable, and I do not allow the public to book dates, as only my staff can.

Thanks to DayScheduler, I was able to manage my calendar in a much more efficiency and collaborative way which has allowed me to schedule workshops well into the future.