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Updates Recap

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A quick note to summarize the last set of updates we have added to

Control How Many Months Users can display

We have added two new settings to allow you to control how many months a visitor can display back and forwards on the calendar. The default is 2 months back and 3 months forward. You can change the setting at anytime in the admin settings section.

More info on this feature can be found on this blog post

Now you can see a Year at a Glance!

You now have the capability of showing an entire calendar year. You can select which year you want via a pull down menu. This feature is available from the admin menu, after you login to your app. More details can be found here

Aside from several performance improvements, in the past year, we have added a few more capabilities as well including:

We are always looking for suggestions on how to make the application better. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.

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