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Using DayScheduler: Motivational Speaker

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I am a motivational speaker. My niche and customers keep me pretty busy year around. Like with most of us some months are busier than others.

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My audience see the final presentation which is the end result of a number of backstage steps taken to get to that point. Lots of work goes into each presentation.

From initial contact / conversation, scheduling, topic coverage, fees and expense negotiation, travel arrangements, rehersals and so on...

A while back I figured that my scheduled is best administered and book on a daily bases instead of fractions of a day, so I arranged my business in that way. People now book my time on a full-day bases.

I used to spend a lot of time answering availability and scheduling questions. When a "real" one materialized, I placed it on a shared spreadsheet, and tracked its steps based by changing the colors on the cell.

I looked for tools that would help me in this task, as it was tedious and repetitive and I came across . Ever since I started using it, I am able to publish my availability on my website and allow the public to request a particular day if it is available, saving me tons of time.

The publishing process was easy to implement, and I now have one place to keep and share my schedule with team members and publicly.

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