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Video: Requesting a Day (booking)

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Short demo on how a visitor can request for / book a day with your instance of

Scheduling and booking your calendar is ASY!

Video: DayScheduler Demo (Music Only)

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Created this quick 3 minute demo of the product so visitors can view the product before going into the demo site

The video has a walk-through with up-beat music


Video: DayScheduler Promo

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Like most of you know, it travel a bit! :-)

My schedule is always changing and it is a but challenging to manage. Even my wife can't keep track of where I am... So a while back I created a web-app to help me and, my family/friends and customers have visibility over my schedule and have the ability to book available days at anytime. Some people found it useful, and several of them asked me if I would make it available for them to use it.

The result:

It is a silly simple web-app, but it has been fun to develop it. Best part of all? It is already helping others save time!

If you know of anyone that can use it - feel free to forward to them, so they can take it for a spin. I am looking for a few brave beta users to help me test and improve it!