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DayScheduler is closed...

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We opened the site back in June 2018. Many users and many customers over the years. It served us all well. When the pandemic hit the world back in March 2020, everyone was grounded, travel came to a close and day appointments were no longer "a thing". I was hoping that this would pick up again, but it never did, and other apps came to light. domain name is coming for renewal and I will not continue with it. Hopefully someone will pick it up and do something with it. Good solid name!

Many, MANY THANKS to all of our customers over the years. I learned a lot! It was a very fun project.

Updates Recap

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A quick note to summarize the last set of updates we have added to

Control How Many Months Users can display

We have added two new settings to allow you to control how many months a visitor can display back and forwards on the calendar. The default is 2 months back and 3 months forward. You can change the setting at anytime in the admin settings section.

More info on this feature can be found on this blog post

Now you can see a Year at a Glance!

You now have the capability of showing an entire calendar year. You can select which year you want via a pull down menu. This feature is available from the admin menu, after you login to your app. More details can be found here

Aside from several performance improvements, in the past year, we have added a few more capabilities as well including:

We are always looking for suggestions on how to make the application better. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions.

Thank you for using DayScheduler app.
We really appreciate your support.

Display an Entire Year

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A commonly requested feature this weekend and is now available to all!

A year at a glance!

This feature is available from the admin menu, after you login to your app.
enter image description here

A site owner / admin, has the capability of showing an entire calendar year. You can select which year you want via a pull down menu. enter image description here

The full year calendar looks like this:

enter image description here

Two New Settings Added

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Two new settings have been added to configuration file to allow the owner/administrator control how many months a visitor can display back and forwards on the calendar.

When the number is reached the "PREV" or "NEXT" link is grayed out.

Initial default settings are: Max months back: 3 Max months forward: 2

Owner/Administrator can change these at any time, but going into settings and changing the settings to desired time frames.

New settings added

Using DayScheduler: Babysitter

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enter image description here

In this day and age technology has made it easy for parents to hire babysitters. Many babysitters have their own blogs and social media accounts, and parents can post reviews and hire them if they think that a certain babysitter is right for the job.

I have been babysitting for the last five years, and to be honest, it took me a lot of time to realize the importance of using technology to getting myself out as an experienced babysitter.

For me, one of the biggest challenges, was scheduling. All the back and forth texts trying to figure out open dates and schedulers actually wasted a lot of time and in the end, I lost a few clients because of this.

One day I was just browsing the internet and came across DayScheduler. Once I read the features, I knew that this would help me a lot. The price per year was low, and there was a free trial, so I gave it a try.

I started to publish my schedule online, as part of my blog, and gave my regular clients the link to it. I blocked the days I could not babysit and those that I had school assignments or other commitments. This helped me manage my availability and made the parents happy (no more back and forth emails and texts). All they had to do now was to follow my blog link, look for an open day in the calendar view, and click on date, enter some details and click on submit to request the day!

DayScheduler sends me an email with a calendar entry, which I can accept or reject depending on my latest schedule and or needs.

I love it and recommend other babysitters use DayScheduler as well. If you are not sure about it then you can first try the free version of the software and later upgrade to the full version of the program.

Video: Requesting a Day (booking)

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Short demo on how a visitor can request for / book a day with your instance of

Scheduling and booking your calendar is ASY!

Using DayScheduler: Lecturer

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enter image description here I am a specialty lecturer serving multiple institutions across different locations in England. My schedule is always challenging. In a single month, I may have several two-day workshops at different locations, and I need to allow for prep-time and travel time.

Before I discovered DayScheduler, my schedule was not always simple to track or make available to my staff, colleagues and students. My system was manual and changes were not simple to communicate or organize.

A colleague of mine, mentioned he had a web-based applications that was simple to use and very effective in publishing and managing his workshops schedule. He told me about DayScheduler and I immediately signed up.

With DayScheduler, I could not only share my availability, location by also allow my staff to view available dates, book, and organize my days well ahead of time.

Because of privacy regulations and security, the public facing side of my schedule shows only as "Booked" when I am scheduled or unavailable, and I do not allow the public to book dates, as only my staff can.

Thanks to DayScheduler, I was able to manage my calendar in a much more efficiency and collaborative way which has allowed me to schedule workshops well into the future.

Using DayScheduler: Lawyer

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enter image description here When I started working as an independent lawyer, I realized that managing time was one of the most important aspects of my work. The more effectively I managed time, the more successful my business got.

If you are in the services sector like me then you know that we have to communicate with clients on a daily basis and sometimes things can get out of hand. This is one of the negatives you have to face when you regularly deal with a large number of clients. In the old days' paper was used to keep track of all the appointment, then came the era of excel spreadsheets and time tracking software and later, with the world changing, my business model changed from the traditional time tracking of minutes and hours into fewer retainer-based customers and now I usually only meet with one client per day as it helps me focus more on the case I am working on.

I looked for a simple booking system that would help me but was not able to find anything until I ran across DayScheduler.

DayScheduler is unique in the way that it not only helps me manage my schedule but it also helps my clients who are looking to meet me. Online scheduling might not seem like a big deal to some people but it can have a very positive effect on your business.

DayScheduler was referred to me by a friend who happens to be a restaurant consultant and who has been using the application for months. She told me about the positive impact it has had on her business. When I started using the software I realized that it was exactly what I needed. I first got the free version which got me hooked to the software. After that, I paid a small amount of $24 to enjoy the full version of the software and I was not disappointed. I am always working so I need programs that I can use on the go. With DayScheduler, I have that freedom to use it on my mobile phone and laptop.

Before I started using DayScheduler, I was entirely dependent on my assistant who spent a lot of her discussing trying to figure out a convenient day that both I and the client could agree on. Now I just update my DayScheduler on my website so that my clients can see which days are available and which are booked. I don’t have to have long and back & forth discussions with clients. I can simply refer them to my website where they can see all the available days and book a day which works for both of us. Once I receive the request from a client I hold the right to accept or reject the booking, so DayScheduler lets me have an appropriate level of control on all the bookings. I don’t even have to keep a record of all my previous bookings on a register or a spreadsheet as the application does that for me. I can export all the data including the record of previous bookings to my computer and other devices, which is a great feature to have in such software.

Another great thing about DayScheduler is that it is a very user friendly program. It is a simple tool that can be very effective in resolving schedule related problems. If someone asks me what is the best way to organize your booking and yield remarkable positive results then I would definitely answer them with DayScheduler.

Using DayScheduler: Motivational Speaker

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I am a motivational speaker. My niche and customers keep me pretty busy year around. Like with most of us some months are busier than others.

enter image description here

My audience see the final presentation which is the end result of a number of backstage steps taken to get to that point. Lots of work goes into each presentation.

From initial contact / conversation, scheduling, topic coverage, fees and expense negotiation, travel arrangements, rehersals and so on...

A while back I figured that my scheduled is best administered and book on a daily bases instead of fractions of a day, so I arranged my business in that way. People now book my time on a full-day bases.

I used to spend a lot of time answering availability and scheduling questions. When a "real" one materialized, I placed it on a shared spreadsheet, and tracked its steps based by changing the colors on the cell.

I looked for tools that would help me in this task, as it was tedious and repetitive and I came across . Ever since I started using it, I am able to publish my availability on my website and allow the public to request a particular day if it is available, saving me tons of time.

The publishing process was easy to implement, and I now have one place to keep and share my schedule with team members and publicly.

Looking for more use cases? See the Series: Using DayScheduler

Disable Booking Capability

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By default DayScheduler is configured so anyone with the instance URL can request an available day.

However some DayScheduler publishers only want to be able to publish the dates they are booked without end-users having the capability to request days.

You can enable this mode by following these simple steps:

  • Logon into your DayScheduler instance
  • Go to Settings
  • Change AllowRequests from Yes to No.

This will create a read only version of your DayScheduler calendar, where the only person that can reserve days is tge instance owner.

enter image description here

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