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Video: DayScheduler Demo (Music Only)

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Created this quick 3 minute demo of the product so visitors can view the product before going into the demo site

The video has a walk-through with up-beat music


Video: DayScheduler Promo

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Like most of you know, it travel a bit! :-)

My schedule is always changing and it is a but challenging to manage. Even my wife can't keep track of where I am... So a while back I created a web-app to help me and, my family/friends and customers have visibility over my schedule and have the ability to book available days at anytime. Some people found it useful, and several of them asked me if I would make it available for them to use it.

The result:

It is a silly simple web-app, but it has been fun to develop it. Best part of all? It is already helping others save time!

If you know of anyone that can use it - feel free to forward to them, so they can take it for a spin. I am looking for a few brave beta users to help me test and improve it!

DayScheduler: Elevator Pitch

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DayScheduler is an intuitive and easy-to-use day-based Scheduling / Booking System

DayScheduler was developed as a way to provide visibility of daily availability of a resource (person or thing) and offer users the ability to request bookings. Specifically designed for solopreneurs on the go, it can be used in a variety of use cases. From scheduling people, or other resources (conference rooms, cars, offices)

Day-Based Online Scheduling /Booking System

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DayScheduler is an intuitive web-based application to help individuals or teams provide visibility of daily availability of a resource (person or thing) and offer users the ability to request booking.


Just point to your customers to your personalized URL, so they can know your availability in an easy to see calendar format, and let them request a day!

Key Features include:

  • Monthly view of booked and available days.
  • Easy to use. Touch Friendly. Use Anywhere
  • Ability to display data. Private or public
  • Click on available date to request booking
  • Emails requests, and allows owner to confirm / decline
  • Three stages of booking: On hold, Tentative, Confirmed
  • Provides ability to export data
  • Admin Interface to enter date notes, comments, status changes, block days,and more!
  • History Logs of activities made

    Sign up for Free at:

Twitter Account Created

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We have a brand new Twitter account and page.

We will be posting updates there as well as in this blog Hope you follow us.
Our Twitter handle: @DaySchedulerApp

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