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DayScheduler Use Cases

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Usually when you think of a calendar, people associate it to their personal schedules. What am I going to be doing do on that day kind of thought!
enter image description here The thing is, people’s schedule is not the only thing that calendars are used for.

Let’s look at some other use cases:

  • A vacation property that you share with your friends and family. It is not an AirB&B, but it is used year-round.
  • An expensive piece of equipment that is shared by its different construction crews.
  • A shared car among friends that live in the city
  • A large zoom lens used by the photographers students
  • A small recording studio you share with your fellow musicians.
  • The conference room with the big whiteboard in your office

With any of the use cases above mentioned, there is a person in charge of receiving request, checking availability, communicating and negotiating the booking.

Managing a schedule can be time consuming for anyone. Even at a daily level, the back-and-forth negotiation of the requests can take a lot of effort.

There are several commercial calendar and booking systems out there ranging from reservation systems to online calendars. Many of them contain features to monetize the process and have complex workflows which can be difficult to setup and manage.
DayScheduler was designed to be simple and quickly provide the user a month-at-a glace of the resource schedule, and then make it easy to view available days, and request them.

List of Actual Use Cases (Updated as they are published) "Series: Using DayScheduler" follow:

- Specialty Lecturer